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"Ryujin" is a Samurai Calligrapher/Artist who goes beyond the boundary of traditional Japanese calligraphy (Sho-do), and has developed the unique ability and skills to unlock the life and its flow of energy sealed in each "word" he draws. He began his journey as a Samurai Calligrapher at age 30 when he left his otherwise successful carrier in business. His unique style and technique have been developed through over 10 years of challenging days as a street artist. However, his real breakthrough as a Samurai Calligrapher came after he became a student under Nenshu Shiraishi, a master of traditional Japanese tea ceremony and the classic calligraphy. Enlightened by his wisdom and guidance, Ryujin has opened the door to a new dimension in the world of Calligraphy arts. He continues his endeavor to explore the new dimension of calligraphic arts. It may be the Pandora's box he opened, but whatever it might turns out to be, he dares himself to go the distance to see the unseen.
"KOTODAMA" Calligraphy as a living, organic art
Unlike a traditional calligraphy as general, regardless of its cultural background and their influences. That appeals the skill of writing in its expression of beauty, "KOTODAMA" calligraphic art focuses its aim in unlocking the life and its flow of spiritual energy sealed in each word. The Japanese word "KOTODAMA" represents the life and its magical power contained in word. It goes beyond an artistic expression and even the meaning of the word itself. "Kotodama" is as spiritual as it is organic.
Mandala Calligraphic Fusion
Going beyond already revolutional Kotodama Calligraphy. He is pushing the frontier of another dimension in calligraphic art, that is, "Fusion of Mandala geometry and Kotodama Calligraphy. This challenge is taking him to more deeply meditative element of the Art, which is closely connected to the core element of Zen as well as the ancient belief system in Japan.
Courtesy call
I showcased my calligraphy in the embassies of Japan in France, in the United Arab Emirates and in Italy as well as in the embassies of Senegal and the Vatican in Japan, and finally in the consulate general of Dubai.
&An official reception celebrating the UAE’s 46th National Day by the embassy of the United Arab Emirates inTokyo. 
First published by a famous Japanese publish company on January 22, 2020

At the embassies of Japan in France
the embassy of Senegal in Japan with Ambassador
At the embassy of the Vatican in Japan with Deputy Ambassador
At the embassies of Japan in United Arab Emirates with Ambassador
At an official reception celebrating the UAE’s 46th National Day by the embassy of the United Arab Emirates inTokyo with Ambassador
With Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Musallam, Chairman of the Sharjah Institute for Heritage at sharjahheritagedays .


2005 - 2018
- Numerous voluntary performances in the streets of Tokyo.
- Participated in number of local and national art exhibitions
- Ryujin Style Sho-do workshop facilitation for students and business executives
And much more...
- Live Performance at the Executive Management Party of AVEX Co.
- Live Performance at The Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo.
- Live Performance at "Omotenashi Festival" held in Tokyo
- Live Performance at the Opening Ceremony of Art Exhibition (Certified by Japan Pavilion) in Milano Expo
- Live Performance at local high schools and Universities in Rome with a support of Japanese Embassy in Italy.
- Live Performance at Kinokuniya Dubai Mall
- Live Performance at the Consulate General of Japan in Dubai
- Live Performance at Corporate Reception Party of SEVEN-ELEVEN for the celebration of its first store opening in Dubai
- Performance Collaboration with the Shonosuke Okura, authentic Japanese drum master of Noraku Hayashi Okura style, the designated intangible cultural heritage
- Live Performance at International charity event in Tokyo (April & May)
- Private Exhibition at Asnaro Gallery in Tokyo (April & May)
- Art Exhibition at Marui Department Store in Tokyo (June & July)
- Live Performance at the Embassy of Senegal (July)
- Live Performance at Fukushima Prefecture Promotional Event (Sept)
- UAE Appear in large-scale educational event in Abu Dhabi. Showcase live performance in front of the royal family of UAE (October)
- Live Performance at main stage of the Middle East's largest event Ani:me (anime / Japan culture - event) in Abu Dhabi
- Live Performance at Japan Day Event of the Petroleum University, Hosted by the Japanese Embassy in UAE
- Shodo performance at corporate party at the best HOTEL OUKRA in the country.
- Shodo Performance at events for domestic international students, Hosted by JASSO.
- Shodo Performance at Art Stage (WABI SABI) of Japan Expo 2017 in Paris
- Shodo Performance at Japan expo 2017 in Azerbaijan 
Ryujin appeared in the Sharjah Institute for Heritage sponsored event (UAE)2018.April 
- Ryujin was given the Higasikuninomiya prize in November 2017. Higashikuninomiya is the former Imperial Family of Japan.
- Ito-Yokado, the biggest mass chain retailer in Japan, incorporated Ryujin's work in their new year ornament to be sold throughout Japan.
- Designated calligrapher and art director for Toba International Hotel, known for Emperor's favorite.
- Designated calligrapher for the Municipality of Minato-ku, Tokyo.
And much more...